Legionella pneumophila bacterium

Legionella Filtration for Compromised Water Events

Legionella Filtration

Legionella pneumophila and other opportunistic waterborne pathogens can be found in any plumbing system and cause numerous health risks. Our FDA-cleared, point-of-use water filters are a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution to retain bacteria like Legionella at sinks and showersKeep a supply on hand for quick deployment during an outbreak or boil water advisory.

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Our point-of-use S100 Sink and Shower Spray, S100 Sink Spout, and S100 Handheld Shower filters feature 0.1-micron technology that offers effective retention of waterborne pathogens for 90 days.

As an aid in infection control, we recommend our DSU-H and SSU-H in-line filters, which are FDA-cleared to retain bacteria (such as Legionella), viruses, and endotoxins for 180 days, and ideal control measures for any water management program.