Audits and support for ice machines

Audits and Support for Ice Machines

Audits and Support for Ice Machines

Ice machines are notorious environments for biofilm and slime growth, harboring millions of pathogens and creating serious risks of illness. Our audits and support for ice machines can help you improve the safety of your equipment.

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Temperatures inside ice machines can reach 100°F – a perfect breeding ground for Legionella. The growth of Legionella, and other pathogens, is an especially serious concern in hospitals and healthcare facilities where ice machines are used for patient support.

Ice machines in healthcare facilities are considered to be high-risk utility system components and therefore regarded as critical control points in a facility’s water management plan. Having protocols in place to address potential contamination in ice machines will go a long way in creating a safe environment for your patients.

At Nephros, we offer specific guidance to enhance ice machine maintenance and address any gaps in upkeep. Our added support for ice machines can reduce preventative maintenance and help give facilities keep their equipment and ice safe from risk.

The Importance of an Ice Machine Audit
  • Meet TJC guidelines, which require routine cleaning, descaling, disinfection, and sanitization to be compliant
  • Eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from the machine’s surface and inside the bin
  • Improve the overall performance of your ice machine

Schedule an Ice Machine Audit to Evaluate:
  • Clear or translucent tubing or housings
  • Equipment needs based on capacity
  • Filtration system capabilities and limitations
  • Warning label information
  • Additional ice machine support needs
  • Water source quality

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