Boil water advisory, boil order notice

Compromised Water Event Filters

Filters for Boil Water Advisories and Other Water Emergencies

Are you facing a boil water advisory or other water emergency? While supply chain complications are impacting companies worldwide, Nephros point-of-use water filters are in stock, FDA-cleared for infection control, and ready for immediate delivery.

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Access to EPA-quality water for washing and drinking during a boil water advisory is crucial to patient care. We are here as your partner in infection control, offering reliable access to our filtration products. Our inventory is stocked with point-of-use filters available for next- or same-day shipping. We get solutions to you exactly when you need them, so you may protect patients, staff, and visitors without interruption.

The Benefits of Nephros Filters
  • Produces EPA-quality water suitable for drinking, washing, showering, and cleaning medical equipment
  • FDA-cleared to aid in infection control for bacteria
  • Long, continuous point-of-use filter life
  • Fast installation for immediate infection control, corrective action, or proactive water management plan

Are You Facing a Water Emergency or Outbreak Situation?

Quick installation of our FDA-cleared point-of-use solutions at critical control points offers an immediate secondary barrier against bacteria during compromised water events like boil water advisories. Our S100 series filters will retain bacteria for 90 days, and provide the opportunity to establish a programmatic plan while continuing to administer care as scheduled.

Beginning with 24-hour delivery, Nephros offers the support needed to safeguard patients during water emergencies.

Emergency Response at Critical Control Points

Our Point-of-Use Emergency Kit is an instant solution to deploy during compromised water events like Legionella outbreaks or boil water alerts. This kit includes:

  • (4) S100 Sink Spout Filters
  • (4) S100 Shower Handheld Filters
  • (4) CPC Sink Adapters

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