Plentiful inventory of product

Supply chain challenges?

Nephros filters are in-stock and ready to ship!

While supply chain complications are impacting companies worldwide, Nephros and our partners remain ready to deliver effective filtration solutions. Our inventory is stocked with a variety of filters available for next- or same-day shipping.

Access to high-quality water is crucial, whether in a healthcare or commercial setting. In hospitals, EPA-quality and ultrapure water are critical to patient care; in food and beverage service, clean water free of taste, odor, or harmful elements is key to great customer experience. You can rely on Nephros and our partners to deliver the filter solutions you need, when you need them.

Are you facing an emergency or outbreak situation?

Quick installation of our FDA-cleared point-of-use solutions at critical control points offers an immediate secondary barrier against bacteria. Our S100 series filters will retain bacteria for 90 days, and provide the opportunity to establish a programmatic plan while continuing to administer care as scheduled.

Beginning with 24-hour delivery, Nephros offers the support needed to safeguard patient care during a compromised water event. See our point-of-use emergency kit.

Did you know…
Nephros point-of-use filters retain bacteria for up to 90 days, while our in-line solutions retain bacteria, viruses, and endotoxins for up to 180 days.