Nephros Covid-19 Operational Update


PluraPathTM is a mobile, quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR)-based water-borne pathogen detection system that can provide data onsite in approximately one hour. The PluraPathTM system is designed to provide actionable data to infection control teams on up to 15 different pathogens in one test.

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The PluraPathTM system fits into an overall water safety management program strategy in healthcare in the following ways:

  • As a rapid, cost-effective tool – to establish the baseline of which microbial organisms are present and at what levels (using PluraPathTM Multi-strip testing for several high-consequence waterborne pathogens) either in a proactive or outbreak response mode
  • As a screening tool – to identify where additional, extensive water sampling must be performed using confirmational laboratory testing with culturing and molecular techniques
  • As a confirming tool – after mitigation and treatment measures have been taken
  • As a routine monitoring tool – used monthly or quarterly to ensure microbial presence and level are within compliance limits (using PluraPathTM Mono-strips for single organisms or Custom-strips with only those organisms of concern in specific premises)

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Now offering an easy to use, portable waterborne pathogen testing system with on-site, field test capability.

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