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Chloramine + Scale


  • Market: Commercial
  • Application: Ice Machines, Water Fountains, Beverage Dispensers, Food Service, Hydration Stations
  • Solution: Chlorine / Chloramine, Cysts, Particulate, Scale
  • Product Number: 70-41060-C40, 70-41060-E40, 70-41090-C40, 70-41090-E40, 70-41120-C60, 70-41120-E60

The Nephros Chloramine Scale Filter reduces chloramines, chlorine taste and odor, cysts and other offensive contaminates. The filter also effectively controls and treats hard scale buildup in ice machines, fountain beverage systems, beverage combination systems, coffee, tea, espresso machines and all water-related food service applications.

Nephros Chloramine + Scale Filter


  • Reduced chloramine, chlorine taste and odor and other contaminants that adversely affects taste

  • Removal of hard scale build up in food service applications

  • Minimal maintenance

  • No polyphosphates

  • Increased efficiency of food service equipment

  • Multiple sizes and keys available


  • Flow Rate: 1 GPM / 1.5 GPM / 2.0 GPM
  • Gallon Rating: 6,000 gal. / 9,000 gal. / 12,000 gal.
  • Filter Size: 14” L x 3” D / 17” L x 3” D
  • Testing Standard: NSF/ANSI 42
  • Flush Volume (After 1 Week Stagnation): 2 liters (0.5 gal.) / 3 liters (1.0 gal.) / 5 liters (1.5 gal.)
  • Keys: Aether, Everpure, 3M/Cuno

Associated Installation Kits & Components

  • 70-00000-E1M EVP Single Stage Manifold, Basic
  • 70-00001-E1M EVP Single Stage Manifold, Enhanced
  • 70-00000-E2M EVP Dual Stage Manifold
  • 70-00011-E2M EVP Dual Stage Manifold, Parallel
  • 70-00011-E3M EVP Triple Stage Manifold, Parallel
  • 70-00011-E4M EVP Quad Stage Manifold, Parallel

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