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High Capacity


  • Market: Commercial
  • Application: Ice Machines, Water Fountains, Beverage Dispensers, Food Service Machines, Hydration Stations
  • Solution: Scale, Chlorine / Chloramine, Cysts, Particulate, E. Coli
  • Product Number: 70-12350-C60, 70-12550-C60

The Nephros High-Capacity Filter reduces chloramine, chlorine, and cysts. The filter is certified for E. Coli reduction and utilizes proprietary technology to control scale without the use of polyphosphates. The large capacity of this filter offers improves operational efficiency while offering superior protection for food service equipment.

Nephros High-Capacity Filter


  • Certified E. Coli (6-log) reduction

  • High gallon capacity (35k-55k)

  • No polyphosphates

  • Reduced maintenance, repair, and operation costs

  • Multiple keys available


  • Gallon Capacity: 35,000-55,000 gallons
  • Rated Flow: 2.0-2.5 GPM
  • Working Pressure: 10-25psi
  • Dimensions: 17” L x 3” D
  • Carbon Block Microns: 0.1 Micron Pleat Wrap
  • Pore Size: 0.45 Microns
  • Keys: Aether, Everpure, 3M/Cuno

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