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Soluble Lead


  • Market: Commercial
  • Application: Ice Machines, Water Fountains, Beverage Dispensers, Food Service Machines, Hydration Stations
  • Solution: Soluble Lead
  • Product Number: 70-34090-C60, 70-34090-E60

The Nephros Soluble Lead Filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, scale, cysts, and soluble and lead particulate. Combining the Carbon Block, Carbon + Scale or Soluble Lead filters with the Ultrafilter creates a multibarrier solution to water filtration by retaining particulate down to 5nm.

Nephros Soluble Lead Filter


  • Reduces chlorine taste, odor and scale

  • Reduces soluble and lead particulate

  • Reduces cysts and nominal particulate Class I

  • Tested to reduce 99% of 150ppb soluble lead in 8.5pH and 6.5pH water

  • Primarily removes lead and may aid in removal of mercury, ammonium, and nickel

  • Multiple keys available


  • Max Inlet Pressure: 75psi (8.5bar)
  • Filter Membrane: AETHER® Lead Guard
  • Material: Ion Ex-Changer with High Specificity for Lead
  • Clean Water Flow Rate: 1.5 GPM @ 10psi differential
  • Performance Metric: Meets NSF 53-2018
  • Gallon Capacity: Up to 9,000 gallons
  • Chlorine Removal: Up to 60,000 gallons
  • Dimension: 14” L x 3” D
  • Replacement: Up to 12 months
  • Keys: Everpure®, 3M/Cuno, AETHER®

Associated Installation Kits & Components

  • 70-00000-E1M EVP Single Stage Manifold, Basic
  • 70-00001-E1M EVP Single Stage Manifold, Enhanced
  • 70-00000-E2M EVP Dual Stage Manifold
  • 70-00011-E2M EVP Dual Stage Manifold, Parallel
  • 70-00011-E3M EVP Triple Stage Manifold, Parallel
  • 70-00011-E4M EVP Quad Stage Manifold, Parallel

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