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S100 Point-of-Use Infection Control Filtration

S100 Filters

Point-of-use infection control filtration is a quick and efficient means of mitigating the risk of waterborne pathogens when used for water emergencies or as part of a proactive water management plan.

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During a pathogen outbreak, a water main break, or a compromised water event, you need a solution that’s both fast and reliable! Point-of-use infection control filtration is a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution to safeguard higher-acuity areas and continue patient care uninterrupted.

The Nephros S100 filters feature 0.1-micron technology that offers effective retention of waterborne pathogens and come in the following configurations:

The Benefits of Nephros S100 Point-of-Use Filters
  • FDA-cleared to aid in infection control for bacteria 
  • >9-log bacteria reduction (B.diminuta)
  • Long life for continuous use up to 90 days (3 months)
  • Fast and easy one-step installation for outbreak response
  • Produces water suitable for drinking, hand washing, and cleaning medical equipment

Our S100 Point-of-Use Filters
  • S100 Sink Spout Filter
  • S100 Sink & Shower Spray Filter
  • S100 Handheld Shower Filter

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