Epidemiologist testing for Coronavirus infection in laboratory

Waterborne Pathogen Detection

Waterborne Pathogen Detection

Water management plan regulations have shifted focus to a broader array of pathogens requiring healthcare facilities to monitor more than just Legionella. Our pathogen detection solutions address the most extensive list of CDC-noted, opportunistic waterborne pathogens in a single test system on the market today. We also offer customizable test systems for your specific testing needs.

Facilities need reliable, fast methods to monitor the efficacy of their water management plans, identify sources of outbreaks when they occur, and determine areas of highest risk. Nephros waterborne pathogen testing products leverage qPCR technology to provide highly sensitive testing results on-site. Our solutions can be used for rapid screening, and routine periodic monitoring.

Our on-site testing solutions are important screening tools that remove the time constraints that often come with traditional culturing methods and prevent potential sample corruption that may occur during transport.

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