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Our Mission

Better water for life is the ultimate vision driving Nephros and the work that we do. We seek to improve the relationship between people and water, that mutual reliance between life and resource, which is so fundamental to each of us, and so deeply affected by availability and safety. 

In service of these goals, our mission is to provide leading, accessible technology and resources for advancing water quality. Our deep knowledge and understanding of water enables us to do so through a combination of innovative water filtration solutions for healthcare and commercial markets, with timely and relevant educational materials. This comprehensive approach offers widespread opportunity to understand and address potential challenges to water safety.

In hospitals, acute care, and senior living facilities; hotels, restaurants, and convenience stores, our technologies make water better.

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Our Technology

We are most known for our FDA-cleared infection control water filters, which are capable of effectively retaining bacteria, viruses, and endotoxins with proprietary 0.005 micron / 5nm pore-size, hollow-fiber technology. This exceptional water filtration technology is born from years of service in the field of dialysis, arguably the gold standard of all filtration.

Whether for healthcare or commercial applications, our water filtration products help make water better, and safer.

Our History

Nephros was founded in 1997 with a focus on providing solutions for the End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) marketplace. ESRD is a chronic and incurable illness with limited treatment options. Outside of kidney transplants, the remaining alternative is Renal Replacement Therapy involving rigorous and systematic filtering of the blood. Patients facing ESRD rely heavily on filtration, and its efficacy is critical to survival. 

The expertise we have gained having started our business in the dialysis market has qualified us to serve as a trusted resource in water filtration for healthcare and commercial facilities. To this day, we continue to support dialysis patients with effective filters for dialysis water, leveraging the same hollow-fiber technology driving our infection control water filtration solutions.

Our Business Composition

Nephros water filtration business is comprised of two segments: healthcare water filtration and commercial water filtration. For both markets, we offer a robust line-up of solutions that support an array of installation applications.

Healthcare Water Filtration

Our healthcare water filtration is our core business. We offer water filters for infection control which are FDA 510(k)-cleared for both programmatic and point-of-use deployment. While our infection control filters are most often leveraged often within hospitals and healthcare facilities, they are suitable for a variety of settings, from showers and sinks to lab equipment and ice machines.

We also offer FDA 510(k)-cleared water filters for dialysis water filtration. The fluid used in dialysis must meet strict standards for purity, and our dialysis water filters effectively prepare water and bicarbonate used in hemodialysis, while supporting a wide range of dialysis machine applications.

Commercial Water Filtration

Our commercial offerings support food and beverage equipment and ice machines, to name just a few applications. In 2019, Nephros acquired Biocon 1, LLC and its affiliate Aether Water Systems, LLC (together, “Biocon”), as a bolster to our commercial water filtration lineup. Since then, we have revamped our entire commercial product offering to reflect verified performance and a curated selection of high-performance filters. Additionally, we have engaged Donastar Enterprises, LLC as the master distributor of our commercial water filters in the food & beverage, and hospitality industries.

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