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How We Help

An Integrated Approach to Water Safety

Our approach to water safety is full spectrum; we are able to identify water quality issues with our facility audits and then resolve those issues with effective commercial and FDA-cleared healthcare filtration products. Additionally, our educational resources and support services help you understand the potential risks associated with water quality, while empowering you to prepare and remedy existing or future water challenges. Our innovative solutions serve multiple industries from hospitals and institutions, to hospitality and food/beverage service.

Read on for a look at all the ways we can help you make your water better.

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[Nephros’] Customer Experience and Sales Teams are prompt with their responses giving us the reassurance we need during emergencies.

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Nephros is a well-oiled machine; they’ve never let me down… [Their] rapid response is aligned with our core values.

Solid Blend Technologies

There is always someone at Nephros available to offer assistance.

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Emergency preparedness checklist and natural disaster supplies

Emergency Response

We maintain a steady inventory to support swift responses to urgent situations. Our multiple national and regional service partners allow us to respond to waterborne pathogen outbreaks and compromised water emergencies quickly and effectively, supplying FDA-cleared point-of-use filtration that empowers customers to take immediate action.

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Water Management Plan Support

We recognize the challenges of managing both patient care and water management regulatory compliance. To support our valued customers, we offer water system evaluations and audits that include thorough assessments and recommended solutions to meet your infection control compliance requirements and, most importantly, mitigate patient risk.

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Risk Mitigation

We understand the risks that Legionella and other pathogens in premise plumbing systems pose to human health and facility reputations and offer FDA-cleared infection control water filters. Our in-line filters retain bacteria, viruses, and endotoxins for 180 days, and our point-of-use filters retain bacteria for 90 days. As a complement to our infection control water filters, we also provide water quality education with a library of resources covering waterborne pathogens, patient safety, and water management plan guidance, among other topics.

Audits and support for ice machines

Ice Machine Audits

​​We know that ice machines are critical control points in healthcare facilities and often harbor unwelcome contamination, putting patients and customers at unnecessary risk for waterborne illness. Our ice machine audits cover examinations of plumbing setups, water evaluations, and installation training and guidance.

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Water Safety and Aesthetic Improvement

We realize that clean water is a fundamental right and offer FDA-cleared healthcare filtration solutions that retain bacteria, viruses, and endotoxins, along with IAPMO-certified commercial options that solve for taste, odor, cysts, scale, soluble lead, chlorine, chloramine, and E.coli.

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