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Because Water Matters

Whether scrubbing into surgery, hydrating a patient, or simply preparing a beverage, the safety and quality of your water matters.

Nephros understands the importance of clean water and that is why our mission is to provide leading, accessible technology and resources for advancing water quality. We serve both healthcare and commercial markets, offering effective solutions that make water better.

How We Help

We’re focused on doing all we can to ensure clean, safe water for people in all areas. Through our leading, accessible technology and resources, we support your water quality needs with solutions for a variety of markets and applications.

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person in Biohazard suit behind plastic barrier Emergency Response
Close up shot of technician using tablet pc Water Management Plan Support
Close up on mother hand giving a glass of water to her sick daughter. Sick asian child drinking water after taking medicine Risk Mitigation
The aluminum scoop and ice Ice Machine Audits
Closeup image woman holding glass drinking still water Water Safety and Aesthetic Improvement
person in Biohazard suit behind plastic barrier

Emergency Response

We never want patient care to be disrupted due to a compromised water event, so we respond to emergencies and urgent requests quickly and efficiently. Our FDA-cleared point-of-use infection control filters retain bacteria and provide peace of mind in the event you encounter bacteria-based water events and outbreaks.

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Water Management Plan Support

We offer water system evaluations and audits to assess your setup, needs, and recommended solutions for both infection control and compliance support. Our services enable you to focus on patient care while reducing time spent on filtration maintenance and operations.

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Close up on mother hand giving a glass of water to her sick daughter. Sick asian child drinking water after taking medicine

Risk Mitigation

We provide technology to detect, quantify, and isolate the presence of bacteria, offering valuable time to get ahead of potential outbreaks and prepare for quick remediation. When used in combination with our FDA Class II filters, you can be confident in the quality of your water and protection against waterborne pathogens.

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The aluminum scoop and ice

Ice Machine Audits

Ice machines used in healthcare facilities are considered to be critical control points in a hospital’s water management plan. Our ice machine audits include examinations of plumbing setups, water evaluations, as well as installation training and guidance on reducing risks of waterborne illness.

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Closeup image woman holding glass drinking still water

Water Safety and Aesthetic Improvement

Water should be both free of opportunistic pathogens, and aesthetically pleasing. Our medical and commercial filters offer solutions for a variety of water quality issues from infection control, to taste, odor, and scale. The performance of our filtration products can also effectively reduce maintenance costs while improving regulatory compliance.

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What Our Partners Are Saying…

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Nephros is our partner in supplying clean water to our customers so people don’t get sick… We know your products are reliable, certified, and going to keep our clients safe.

Solid Blend Technologies
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[Nephros’] ability to deliver products quickly and consistently help us serve our customers when they need it most. We receive product within 24 hours every time.

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Rapid response time is excellent… The Nephros Team’s product knowledge and availability for support in the field is unmatched.

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The Nephros Difference

Nephros was founded with a focus on providing solutions for the dialysis market and this legacy has qualified our expertise in rigorous FDA Class II medical filters. The hollow-fiber technology that has allowed us to support dialysis patients with effective filtration for dialysis water, also drives our infection control filters. Our innovation extends to commercial markets where our polyphosphate-free filters solve for a myriad of water-quality issues while also reducing maintenance costs.

We’ve grown to offer a comprehensive, integrated approach to water safety that combines effective water filtration with water-quality education.

Our commitment to advancing water quality helps bring clean, safe water to people worldwide.

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Nephros takes an integrated approach to water safety by offering both water testing and water filtration products. While we are best known for water filtration, we offer a diverse range of technologies and services that support water quality improvement. We bring innovative filtration and pathogen detection solutions to healthcare and commercial markets, providing accessible technology that makes water better.

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Sinks, showers, ice machines, and medical equipment are considered critical control points in healthcare facilities and filtration can be applied to reduce patient safety risk. Our line of FDA-cleared infection control filters includes options for both in-line control measures (programmatic response) and point-of-use corrective actions (emergency response) to protect against Legionella and other opportunistic waterborne pathogens.

Hemodialysis machine with a patient

Our dialysis water filters are designed to support both central water systems and RO/DI equipment, with additional customized solutions available for Specialty Dialysis equipment. Our products effectively assist in the production of water that meets or exceeds AAMI standards, helping to ensure the safety of your dialysis patients.

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With technology that improves taste and odor, reduces scale, and solves for cysts and other water-quality issues, we offer cost-effective beverage and ice optimization for healthcare, hospitality, food service and beverage industries. Without the use of polyphosphates, our technology yields fewer scheduled cleanings and filter change-outs at ice machines, beverage dispensers, hydration stations, water fountains, and food service machines.

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Nephros Wellspring

In keeping with our drive “to improve the human relationship with water,” we actively seek opportunities to practice corporate citizenship and engage partners that further water quality. Nephros Wellspring, our corporate social responsibility program, supports this mission through active employee engagement in community service and environmental improvement. Nephros Wellspring is focused on education, accessibility and awareness regarding clean drinking water, while also carrying out local work which furthers sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and youth development.

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Nephros offers incredible opportunities for career advancement along with a strong sense of community. Our work is inspired by our customers and communities, and driven by our purpose of providing better water for all.