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In-Line Infection Control Filtration

In-line infection control filtration is a proactive approach to mitigating the risk of waterborne pathogen spread.

Sink faucets and showers are devices that can aerosolize bacteria (i.e., Legionella) and are often listed as critical control points of patient exposure in healthcare facilities. Additionally, ice machines are frequently overlooked sources of biofilm growth and potential waterborne pathogen risk. Most machines are equipped with conditioning filtration that enhances taste or reduces hardness, but the standards of these filters are often well below what is required for proper infection control.

Our in-line filtration solutions provide a reliable barrier against bacteria, viruses, and endotoxins. The Nephros SSU-H and DSU-H ultrafilters are FDA-cleared to aid in infection control. Our popular DSU-H model features dual-stage, 5 nanometer membrane technology, along with a pore size that is forty-times smaller than most other commercially available micron-rated filters.

Nephros in-line filters feature long life, providing up to 3 and 6 months of protection respectively, along with flexible setup and installation options.

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