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Dialysis Water

Dialysis Water Filtration Solutions

The water used for dialysis treatment must adhere to stringent standards of purification. Our dialysis water filters are suitable for water and bicarbonate used in hemodialysis devices to assist in providing hemodialysis quality water or bicarbonate concentrates, meeting all requirements of ANSI/AAMI/ISO 23500-5.

The 5 nanometer (0.005 micron) pore size of our dialysis water filters effectively retains bacteria, viruses, and endotoxins. Nephros DSU-DSSU-DSSUmini, and EndoPur dialysis filters are FDA-cleared and in compliance with the highest regulatory standards.

How is Dialysis Water Different?

Water is a critical input for dialysis where a patient can be exposed to 300 – 600 liters of water per week during hemodialysis treatment. When we drink water, the gut and liver are responsible for processing fluid and removing contaminants before absorption into the blood. During dialysis treatment, water comes into direct contact with the patient’s blood across the dialyzer membrane, rather than first passing through the gut and liver. This direct contact heightens the necessity to ensure the highest water quality for dialysis patients.

Importance of Water Purity for Dialysis

Incoming water can contain contaminants that are toxic to dialysis patients. If the contaminants are not removed, exposure can cause significant health issues. It is critical for positive patient outcomes that the water used for dialysis meets AAMI standards.

The Process of Filtering Dialysis Water

When preparing water for dialysis treatment, pre-treated water is pumped through a filter. Our 5 nanometer (0.005 micron) dialysis water filters halt the passage of organic materials, such as bacteria, viruses, and endotoxin, to the patient. The ultrapure product water enters the hemodialysis machine and is used to mix the dialysate for dialysis treatment. The reject water, contaminated with unwanted bacteria, is discarded.

Water Filtration for Portable RO/DI Equipment

Portable dialysis machines must be designed to provide high-quality water when and where patients need it most. Nephros DSU-D, SSU-D, and SSUmini dialysis filters are FDA-cleared and in compliance with the highest regulatory standards. Capable of removing contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and endotoxins, our solutions support complete water systems for dialysis that meets AAMI requirements.

Water Filtration for Central Water Systems

Dialysis providers understand the need for high-purity water for acute settings and for chronic treatment centers. The Nephros DSU-D, SSU-D, and EndoPur dialysis filters allow treatment centers to operate with confidence that they are delivering the best quality water to their patients’ dialysis machines.

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