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Point-of-Use Infection Control Filtration

Point-of-use infection control filtration is a quick and efficient means of mitigating the risk of waterborne pathogen spread as a response to an emergency outbreak or as part of a proactive water management plan.

A properly implemented water management plan should include both control measurements and corrective actions. Control measurements may include periodic monitoring for waterborne pathogens, and corrective actions may include a planned response to positive detection of any pathogens of concern, such as Legionella, Pseudomonas, or Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM), to name just a few.

When problems arise, having a patient-centered solution to mitigate risk quickly and efficiently is crucial. During a pathogen outbreak, a water main break, or a compromised water event, you need a solution that’s both fast and reliable!  Point-of-use infection control filtration is a cost-effective and easy to install solution to safeguard higher-acuity areas and continue patient care uninterrupted.

Our S100 point-of-use line of infection control filters feature 0.1-micron technology that offers effective protection from waterborne pathogens.

Applying an FDA-cleared, 90-day Nephros filter at showers and faucets ensures safer water for both washing and drinking.

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Our Point-of-Use Infection Control Filtration Products

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