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Healthcare Emergency Water Filtration Response

Immediate Water Filtration Solutions for Healthcare

We understand the toll that bacteria-based water events and outbreaks take on a healthcare facility. When there’s suspicion of Legionella (or other opportunistic waterborne pathogens) within a building’s potable water supply, measures must be taken to mitigate the possibility of transmission to employees and patients. These events pose health and safety risks, and create operational, financial, and, potentially, reputational burdens on a facility.  

Our FDA Class II point-of-use solutions offer an immediate secondary barrier, allowing facilities to take the time necessary to establish a programmatic plan, while continuing to administer care as scheduled.

Patient Risks Associated With Water Emergencies

In healthcare settings, the ways in which water is used much more than having a drink. And, conditions or oversights within healthcare plumbing systems can even encourage microbial growth. These increased opportunities for transmission of healthcare-associated pathogens heighten patient vulnerability to infection.

Immunocompromised patients are at an even greater risk of infection, and subsequently, mortality from these opportunistic pathogens. These include transplant, HIV, elderly, oncology, ICU, burn, neonatal, and surgical patients. To reduce risk during water emergencies, facilities should keep point-of-use filtration at critical control points, like sinks, showers, and ice machines, in areas that care for higher-acuity patients.

Water Safety Considerations

Water safety must be considered when designing a healthcare plumbing system to avoid the features that foster the growth and dissemination of waterborne pathogens. Large, complex water systems with areas of low flow welcome biofilm formation and can introduce unwanted pathogens to patients. To catch these bugs before they become problematic, facilities must perform routine screening and monitoring in order to detect and remediate an outbreak promptly.

Point-of-Use Healthcare Emergency Water Filtration

When problems arise, having a patient-centered solution to mitigate risk quickly and efficiently is crucial. If water becomes contaminated with bacteria, you need a solution that’s both fast and reliable!  Point-of-use infection control filtration is a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution to safeguard higher-acuity areas and continue patient care uninterrupted.

Our S100 point-of-use healthcare emergency water filtration prevents the disruption of patient care by producing water that is suitable for cleaning of equipment used in medical procedures and washing of surgeons’ hands. When used during emergencies, our point-of-use filters serve as a 90-day, FDA 510k-cleared barrier at sinks and showers for remediation and installation of a programmatic filtration solution.

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