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Nephros Hemodiafiltration Technology

Hemodiafiltration (HDF) is a form of therapy that significantly augments the convective transport of solute, especially middle and larger molecules, as compared to dialysis. Convective transport of larger molecules has gained wide acceptance as a required element in dialytic therapy.

In coordination with our majority-owned subsidiary, Specialty Renal Products (SRP), we have developed technology that enables HD dialysis machines to perform HDF dialysis treatment as an alternative to standard hemodialysis. Following the FDA clearance of our first-generation device, we have continued to build upon our HDF technology. Our second-generation HDF Assist Module is the first and only device in the United States with FDA 510(k) clearance to provide hemodiafiltration (HDF) therapy to patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

About the Nephros HDF Assist Module

The HDF Assist Module offers a way for a practitioner who uses existing FDA-cleared, compatible hemodialysis machines, to provide on-line hemodiafiltration therapy to patients without the need for purchasing a new stand-alone hemodiafiltration machine.

The HDF Assist Module is indicated for use with the Fresenius 2008K, 2008K2, and 2008T dialysis machines, for treatment of adult patients with acute or chronic renal failure, or whenever hemodiafiltration is prescribed by a physician.

The HDF Assist Module works in conjunction with a qualified host high permeability (UF controlled) hemodialysis machine and its accessories (i.e., bloodlines, dialysate, concentrates, etc.); the HDF Assist Module accessories (HDF Infusion Set and Substitution Filter); appropriately purified water and ultrapure dialysate for hemodialysis; and a high permeability hemodialyzer / hemodiafilter (i.e., the OLPūr™ MD 220 Hemodiafilter).

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