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Waterborne Pathogen Detection Test System and Services

Our PluraPath® waterborne pathogen test system can be used as a screening, baselining, or validation tool to complement traditional lab-based testing. The system rapidly detects, quantifies, and isolates the presence of bacteria, and provides exportable data for quick remediation. The on-site deployment of the system allows you to generate reliable indicators of pathogen concentrations while limiting exposure in higher-acuity areas and lowering vulnerability to water sample contamination.

The PluraPath kit includes a FilPath® filter, lysis buffer, a 50mL conical tube, a 20mL syringe, disposable bleach wipes, a 1L whirl-pak bag, and our mono and multi-test strips. Multi-strips perform 15 separate DNA/RNA assays from a one-liter water sample, while mono strips perform eight tests of the same bacterium from different building areas, thereby improving identification of problem locations and faster response.

Harnessing qPCR technology for heightened accuracy, PluraPath is a cost-effective method of screening samples, confirming remediation success, and routinely monitoring microbial presence.

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