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Risk Mitigation at Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities

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The addition of Legionella risk prevention measures to CMS site inspections of hospitals and long-term care facilities, based on guidance from ASHRAE 188, increases the focus of infection control personnel and facilities engineers across the industry. 

This mandate from CMS ensures that every medical facility has an appropriate water management plan to protect patients and staff from the risks of waterborne pathogens.

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Ice Machine Filter Solutions
One of the Critical Control Points in a hospital’s water management plan is an ice machine. The HydraGuard 10” Ultrafilter provides up to 6 months of protection and works with standard 10” cartridge housings with a 222 connector. Our HydraGuard 10” Ultrafilter – Flush will provide up to 12 months of protection with our unique forward-flushing design.(1)

Sink Filter Solutions
Sinks are a source of patient exposure given the transfer of bacteria through atomization. The DSU-H’s dual-stage design provides redundancy and up to 6 months of protection from bacteria, virus, and endotoxin in a self-contained unit. Both the SSU-H and DSU-H in-line ultrafilters are easily installed using standard plumbing hardware.

Shower Filter Solutions
Showers are another source of patient exposure. The S100 shower handheld microfilters feature single-stage filtration that acts as a barrier to bacteria. The S100 point-of-use filters are easy to install and offer protection for up to three months.

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(1) Back flushed water from DSU-H filters that have been deployed in the field for 6 months provide an indication of the kinds of particle density that exists in potable water.

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