Nephros Covid-19 Operational Update

Kimothy Smith – Vice President, Pathogen Detection Systems

Dr. Kimothy Smith has extensive experience working internationally, establishing relationships, collaboratively conducting research programs, and building health-related infrastructures and the local capability and capacity to support them. Prior to joining Nephros, Inc., Dr. Smith was the Chief Operating Officer, Senior Consultant, and co-founder of McCarthy & Smith Consulting, LLC, and Neviathan, LLC, where he provided professional consulting services in the areas of biosurveillance, bioforensics, biodefense, biosecurity, molecular genetics and diagnostics, and food safety, defense, and security. Dr. Smith serves as the Director of Scientific Affairs for LexaGene Corporation, has served as the Chief Science Officer for ExcitePCR Corporation, and the Chief Technology Advisor on the Board of Advisors for PositiveID Corporation. He has served as a Professor of Advanced Analytics and the Senior Director for the Applied Innovation Center for Advanced Analytics at the Desert Research Institute. Dr. Smith has also served as a Professor of Microbiology and Epidemiology for the University of Nevada School of Community Health Sciences. Dr. Smith earned a PhD in molecular epidemiology from Louisiana State University (1999) where he was curator of the Worldwide Bacillus anthracis collection.  He earned his BS in Biochemistry and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Oklahoma State University and was a practicing veterinarian for nearly 10 years.