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Water Education Campaign

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Learn about water with Nephros Wellspring throughout July!

Water is vital to life. From the initial source to the outlet of a faucet, keeping water plentiful and clean is key to environmental and human health. This month, Nephros Wellspring is hosting a water education campaign to help raise awareness about the significance of clean water access and the role that water quality plays in our lives.

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Every Thursday of July, visit the Nephros LinkedIn page to see a water-related trivia question. If you know the answer, respond in the comments section. We’d love to celebrate your expertise! And if you’d like to know more about one of the trivia topics, see below for a library of every July post along with additional detail about each subject.

Our water education trivia posts

Water Education post about megadrought

Drought conditions are exacerbated by climate change and increased water demands. Read about how Lake Mead’s depletion affects hydroelectric power and what officials are doing to replenish the reservoir.

Progress has been made to provide safe drinking water to people globally. However, billions are still left without proper sanitation resources. Assessment of access helps measure progress against poverty and disease.

Water demand is expected to climb 50 percent from 2007 to 2025 – making the need to conserve imperative. If we each reduce our personal water demand, we can extend the reach of the one percent of available fresh water on Earth.

Time spent walking for water accounts for billions of hours lost in opportunity. In water-poor communities, women and girls are responsible for gathering water, keeping them out of school, and deepening the educational divide.

What is Nephros Wellspring?

Nephros Wellspring, our corporate social responsibility program, supports our mission while leveraging employee engagement and company funding to carry out community service and environmental improvement. Our work focuses on three areas: providing access to water education, clean water, and awareness of water quality issues as they relate to potable supplies. But water is not our only focus; the work of Nephros Wellspring includes both community support and environmental efforts.

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