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Do you struggle with hard water in your building?

Many condominium owners are faced with hard water; water containing high concentrations of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. And while not a direct health risk, hard water can lead to:

  • Shortened hot water heater lifespan
  • Mineral buildup around faucets
  • Residue on tubs and showers
  • Sluggish, clogged drains
  • Unclean laundry
  • Dry, itchy skin

The presence of hard water not only decreases resident satisfaction, water quality issues like this also contribute to increased maintenance, repair, and water usage costs. Water treatment professionals can advise on the hardness of local water, and what is needed in terms of treatment and filtration. To complement your existing softener system, Nephros offers filtration solutions for taste, odor, and soluble lead that supplement the reduction of magnesium, calcium, and lime. After all, there’s nothing pleasant about foul-tasting, odorous water.

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