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SSU-H Single-Stage Filter


  • Market: Healthcare – Infection Control
  • Application: In-line
  • Solution: Bacteria / Viruses / Endotoxins
  • Product Number: 70-0283 / 70-0284

The Nephros SSU-H is a disposable in-line water ultrafilter used to filter EPA quality drinking water. The filter retains bacteria, viruses and endotoxin. By providing ultrapure water for washing and drinking, the filter aids in infection control. The filter produces water that is suitable for wound cleansing, cleaning of equipment used in medical procedures and washing of surgeon hands.

Nephros SSU-H UltraFilter threaded


  • Proprietary 5 nanometer (0.005 micron) membrane technology for bacteria, virus, and endotoxin retention

  • FDA-cleared to aid in infection control for bacteria, in addition to virus and endotoxin

  • >11-log (B.diminuta) bacteria reduction; >8-log (PhiX-174) virus reduction; >5-log EU/ml endotoxin reduction

  • In-line design for outbreak response or as part of a proactive water management program

  • Designed for in-line applications for sinks, showers, ice machines, water fountains, and more

  • Long continuous 90-day (3-month) filter life

  • Produces water suitable for drinking, washing, showering, and cleaning of medical equipment used in medical procedures

  • Available with quick-connect or 1/2″ threaded connections


  • Max Inlet Pressure: 75 psi (5 bar)
  • Filter Membrane: Medisulfone®
  • Material: Polysulfone
  • Pore Size: 0.005 Microns
  • Bacteria Retention: >1011 (B. diminuta)
  • Virus Retention: >108 (PhiX-174)
  • Dimensions: 7” L x 2.5” D
  • Surface Area: 0.9 m2
  • Clean Water Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM at 30 psi (2 bar)
  • Connections: Quick Connect (CPC (PLC)); Threaded (1/2 NPSM)
  • Replacement: Up to 3 months
  • Configuration: Single-Stage Filtration

Associated Installation Kits & Components

  • 70-0299F Display Kit
  • 70-0901 Wall Clips
  • 70-0902 Quick Connect with Valve
  • 70-0291 Install Kit – Shower
  • 70-0292 Install Kit – Sink

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