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HydraGuard Ultrafilter


  • Market: Healthcare – Infection Control
  • Application: Inline
  • Solution: Bacteria / Viruses / Endotoxins
  • Product Number: 70-0111 / 70-0112

The Nephros Hydraguard is intended to be used to filter EPA quality drinking water. The filter retains bacteria, viruses and endotoxin. By providing ultrapure water for patient washing and drinking, the filter aids in infection control. The filter produces water that is suitable for patient wound cleansing, cleaning of equipment used in medical procedures and washing of surgeon hands.

Nephros Hydraguard


  • Proprietary 5 nanometer (0.005 micron) membrane technology for bacteria, virus, and endotoxin retention

  • FDA-cleared to aid in infection control for bacteria, in addition to viruses and endotoxins

  • >11-log (B.diminuta) bacteria reduction; >8-log (PhiX-174) virus reduction; >5-log EU/mlz endotoxin reduction

  • In-line design with high flow capacity for medical equipment and process water

  • Long continuous 180-day (6-month) filter life reduces frequency of filter changes

  • Produces water suitable for drinking, washing, and cleaning of medical equipment used in medical procedures

  • Available as 10″ cartridge style filter with 222 gasketed connections


  • Max Inlet Temperature: 27° C (80° F)
  • Max Inlet Pressure*: 100psi (6.8 bar)
  • Filter Membrane: Medisulfone®
  • Material: Polysulfone
  • Pore Size: 5 nm
  • Bacteria Retention: >1011 (B. diminuta)
  • Virus Retention: >108 (PhiX-174)
  • Size: 10” L x 2.5” D
  • Membrane Surface Area: 2.6m2
  • Connection: 222 O-Ring
  • Replacement: Up to 6 months

* For inlet pressures above 75psi, a pressure regulator should be installed (≤75psi) to account for plumbing system pressure fluctuations (typically up to +/- 25psi). A hammer arrester should be installed in applications where water hammer may be present

Associated Installation Kits & Components

  • 70-0116 10” Cartridge Housing Kit (flat bottom, keystone mix)

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